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When it comes to cooking, the right cut of meat can make all the difference. It doesn't matter how much finesse you add to the final serving; if you cut corners with your choice of meat, the quality will suffer.

How we make our meat

Here at Bruce's Meat and Poultry Services, we don't cut corners when it comes to preparing our products. All of our meat is prepared in a traditional artisan fashion, which involves carcass breaking. This allows us to access the entire carcass, wasting nothing and offering more to our customers. In fact, we produce our own sausages and have over 20 available varieties!

Over a century of experience

Combined, our business is not just one single butcher. Our team has a collective experience of more than 180 years in the industry. More than just making the right cuts and selections, our staff can answer any and all meat-related questions you may have. Many of our staff has a qualification in commercial cookery, so we can give advice on how to cook your meat, too!


At Bruce's Meat and Poultry Services, we primarily source our beef from local SA farms from Kangarilla through to the South East regions of SA. Dennis Thorpe is our beef-buying specialist and, with over 50 years’ experience, we trust his experience and knowledge to give us high-quality results each and every time. We specialise in grass-fed beef, raised by professional farmers who are at the leading edge of animal welfare practices.

Our lamb is also sourced from SA farmers, saltbush-fed Dorper lambs from the Flinders Rangers through to 2nd cross lambs from around the Strathalbyn area.

As for pork, our range is female sow, stall-free from the Adelaide Hills area – this is what we use for our award-winning bacon, ham and Fritz.

For poultry, we source free-range Lilydale chickens, while our turkey comes from John and Robyn Watson's turkey farm, which breeds free-range Pooginagoric turkeys in Bordertown. Our poultry options provide a wide range of affordable meat solutions.

Our core philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; we sell the best meat served by well-trained and passionate staff who love food. We also take pride in the chef getting all the accolades for a great meal!

When you want to impress your guests, we will provide you with expert advice and guidance. We treat every customer as an individual, so come talk to us and we'll find the perfect conversation starter.

There really isn't any other butcher or meat retailer as passionate or as experienced as we are in Adelaide. We operate out of Torrens Park, so come in and check out our range of poultry and meat today!

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